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The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman: Book Review

The Thursday Murder Club Book Review

The Thursday Murder Club Richard Osman
Best enjoyed with a slice of home-baked cake and a cup of tea

“The sun is up, the skies are blue, and murder is in the air." ― The Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osman

Three words to describe this book: Inspirational, Wise and Witty

After reading the last page of this book, I put it down and felt a slow sensation of warmth envelop me. Like when you take that first sip of a hot cup of tea in the morning. Hats off to Mr. Osman for creating not just a novel, but more so a whimsically subtle manual on how to enjoy life. Not to give too much away in case you do feel compelled enough to invest in a copy, but here is my quick summary on what to expect.

This story follows the amusing and unexpected antics of a dynamic band of septuagenarians who reside in a rather plush care home called Coopers Chase. Their weekly pastime? Working together to solve the unsolvable. Every Thursday they take refuge in a communal place called the Jigsaw Room to reopen cold cases archived by their dear friend and former member of the club, Penny Gray. A harmless hobby until one fateful day a rather startling event shakes up the usual routine, and this brazen club’s sleuthing tendencies shift away from manila folders to the real world around them.

Upon reading the blurb, I was curious from the start, and I was overjoyed to find each chapter did not disappoint. The novel is rife with cliffhangers galore, and I applaud the expertly laid breadcrumb trails that lead to nowhere. As the narrative came to its final crescendo I found myself suspicious of everyone. But even then I was still shocked during the pinnacle reveal of ‘whodunnit’.

If you know me you’ll be aware that I am a huge fan of murder mysteries in general. As such, it is not a passing comment when I say that this is a strong contender for a position in my top five (maybe even top three). Despite having the quintessential conventions of a crime thriller, it is carefully infused with delightful tongue in cheek commentary. Every single character bears their own unique personalities, making for a rich and filling menagerie of interactions and conversations. One can’t help but fall in love with the main crew, but the spotlight also often strays to the supporting cast who, if anything, all deserve a feature in their own right. From the young and playful Donna De Freitas , to the composed well humoured Bogdan and even the gentle mannered Detective Chief Inspector Chris Hudson.

The main group, of course, stole the show. A Mystery Gang of sorts sans canine companion. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron: four exceptionally different voices that when combined, create a harmonious murder solving machine. As the reader you are given an insight into their realest selves, from their moments of true vulnerability, as well as witnessing their unwavering strength. There is true value in discarding the rather unjustified (and to me outdated) perception that those of an older generation are almost certainly frail and can’t handle most situations. I have seen this give rise to an accepted level of condescension adopted by many when communicating to those they consider an elderly set. But in reality these “old timers” can show up most of us “youths” any day of the week.

The Thursday Murder Club is truly universal in its brilliance, and I can say with confidence that whether you are young or old, this novel is one you do not want miss. Thankfully my saudade emotions gently subsided as I became privy to the fact that a sequel already exists (and is making its way to me via post as I type.) I also anticipate that I will be seeing these characters come to life in full cinematic glory very soon.

Until then, let me know if you have read The Thursday Murder Club or are planning to.

Gia x P.S: Some of my favourite quotes that I had to include - which one do you resonate with most? Comment down below! “It was a well-known fact that there were no calories in homemade cakes.” “You can have too much choice in this world. And when everyone has too much choice, it is also much harder to get chosen. And we all want to be chosen.” “After a certain age, you can pretty much do whatever takes your fancy. No one tells you off, except for your doctors and your children.” “It’s great to be the fastest runner, but not when you’re running in the wrong direction.” “Well, imagine if we only ever did what we were supposed to,”

The Thursday Murder Club Richard Osman

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