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You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

Updated: May 16, 2020

"Flowers don't tell; they show." - Stephanie Skeem

I never quite understood the magic of flowers until recently. With spring having made its faltering introductions to 2020 and all of us having to stay indoors far more than we may be used to, I have found that flowers truly help to spruce up a place. A small bouquet here, a few blossoms there, and voila, instant brightness and as a result an instant rush of happiness whenever you look at these flowering buds.

Yes, flowers can make you happy.

They are in fact dopamine-triggering entities, much like exercise and chocolate. It’s a natural emotion and is found at the core of our subconscious. In days of yore, flowers would act as a signal that an abundance of food was coming after a long winter. That feeling has remained with us, ingrained in our sense of being.

Although scavenging for flowers or popping down to the shops to purchase a fresh bouquet can prove enjoyable, I have discovered that you can actually join a flower delivery subscription service. Of course, they have subscription services for everything these days, but this is quite a good way to maintain your floral decor. I am seriously considering getting one, possibly due to the current state of affairs, but also something to keep long term. After some research (a quick two minute google search to be exact) I found the following three attractive options:

1) Serenata Flowers: https://www.serenataflowers.com/en/uk/flowers/subscriptions

2) Freddies Flowers: https://www.freddiesflowers.com

3) Bloom & Wild: https://www.bloomandwild.com/flower-subscriptions

What do you think? Worth it? It might be. I do quite enjoy the gamble of not knowing what the next bouquet will be filled with: orchids perhaps, both delicate and sharply exotic, or maybe a smiling group of spring daisies, or the traditional yet ever romantic bunch of roses? The possibilities are quite endless.

When things return to the way they were (or to a “new state of normal” as people say), I will be making my way to the local flower market. If you live in London, I am sure you have overheard a few people talking about The Columbia Flower Market. When I first heard of it, I was skeptical but upon my first visit on a Sunday (always open on a Sunday) I discovered a brilliant ocean of flowers and fauna. The market is based in Bethnal Green, quite a trek for me but when on the quest for flowers nothing can get in your way.

It is one road filled with flower vendors selling everything from baby’s breath to ten-foot tall banana trees. Chances are, whatever you are on the hunt for that day, they have got it. If you close your eyes you can almost transport yourself back in time to the food markets of the 50s (or what I imagine they were like) as you listen to the jostling of people and vendor's East London accents akin to those in Oliver Twist, “a dozen for ten, a dozen for ten!”

It is lively and mildly raucous so I do recommend preparing yourself with a strong cup of coffee first to give you a little energy boost beforehand. It is quite a sight to see swathes of individuals marching away from this humble street armed with their new towering house plants and a soft line of flower petals trailing behind them with every step. I joined this triumphant march and now have my first houseplant sat beside me in very good spirits. We named him Phil.

This may sound mad, but Phil has really added to our space and his leafy green presence instantly filled a hole. He actually now proudly stands where we had once placed our Christmas tree, our own indoor reflection of the transitioning seasons. Phil spurred a domino effect and now we also have various bouquets, eucalyptus leaves, some sort of dry hay (that seems to fit the flat perfectly) and another houseplant to keep Phil company (left). We called her Claire (right).

Without a doubt, the flower and plant family will grow, especially as the weather continues to warm up (oh please continue to do so) and we are feeling far better from it. Surrounded by greenery and colour has really elevated, not just our space, but our moods as well. Even though it might just be a seemingly biological reaction, we also feel there’s something more to these botanic additions. So if you’re feeling a little bit low, invest in some flowers (or even go as far to adopt a house plant), you may learn a lot from them. Bye for now, Gia

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