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5 things to do during quarantine

Updated: May 18, 2020

“When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it.” – Mary Poppins

I currently live with my better half and I have found that a funny frequent question that I get asked quite often is, “Are you two still enjoying each other’s company?” Safe to say, we miraculously still are! The secret? Nothing dramatic, it’s actually very simple - establish a mini routine and occasionally mix it up with some fun activities to do together. Thankfully, we have always secretly been happy homebodies, so our time inside is very much a welcome break from what was the usual daily hecticness. Here are our top five things to do during isolation to keep us safe and sane:

1 - Book club

Ok, admittedly we are reading completely different books at the moment, defeating the core reason behind the concept of book club - but that doesn't matter! We set side half an hour everyday to escape into our chosen reads (I occasionally do find myself continuing on for an extra two hours or so...) and this gives us a much needed break and from screens (phones, laptops, the lot!) As much as digital devices have been saviors during this time, allowing us to connect with family and friends and making the world feel ever so slightly smaller, the digital world can be a dangerous time wasting rabbit hole to sink into. If you’re a bit of a bibliophile keep an eye out for my ongoing quarantine book list and let me know what you’re currently reading.

2 – Pamper Sessions

As it says on the tin: pamper yourself! Throw on a face mask, varnish those nails and give yourself a little spruce up. Use this time to give yourself a little "glow up". You may be spending most of your time indoors but that doesn't mean you should let things get out of hand. Keep yourself looking fresh and soon the mind and your mood will follow. 3 – Bake off!

Or perhaps I should aptly title this, Banana Bake Off. I have lost count of the number of banana bread concoctions I have whipped up, each with slightly different flour to sugar ratios, maybe an extra banana here and there. Either way, they have all turned out ridiculously good and are simply moreish (do I want more? Ish.) But not to worry, we have also ventured into making our own date balls, chocolate cookies and even indulged in the classically elegant Victoria Sponge (mine being not so much delicate as more rustically homey.) Whatever the outcome, it was decidedly yummy, attested by the fact that each bake had a shelf life of 24 hours (who ate the last slice of cake?!)

Side note, I did find this article from Grazia on the banana bread mania quite amusing, check it out: https://graziadaily.co.uk/life/food-and-drink/banana-bread-lockdown/

4 – Run it off

Arguably the logical next step is to run it off. The stress, the pent up energy… the cake! In all seriousness, we like to take advantage of our designated one hour in the great outdoors so what better way than a light jog (with the occasional competitive sprint towards the end). This is yet another way to tune out all that unnecessary digital buzz. It can be very easy to find your face glued to your laptop or phone during this time, so pry your face away from your screens and get moving instead.

5 – Netflix, Disney +, Cuddle Repeat

What could possibly be more deserved after a run than a shower? Total relaxation. Shimmy into your comfiest pajamas, grab the fluffiest blanket you own and put on a movie that is sure to boost your mood. Most importantly, do not forget the snacks.

There you have it! Our five simple fixes for staying buoyant and finding comfort during this time inside. We hope everyone is staying safe and sane and send healthy wishes to all. Bye for now,


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