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Where have I been With Gia?

"Hello boys, I'm back!" - Independence Day

The last time you heard from me was in April with a controversially upbeat review of the TV show, ‘Emily In Paris'. Shortly after publishing the tides changed and I was thrown off course. I navigated a stormy brew of relationship turbulence, the much coveted and dreaded 25th birthday and a new job prospect, which made for a rocky few weeks. But as is often the case, this cyclonic nature of events subsided and I returned once more to calmer seas which is why I have now found time to provide you with a quick update.

I am happy to announce (with conviction) that With Gia will be returning to its regular haphazard posting schedule of book reviews, amateur friendly baking recipes and general life ponderings. I have been remiss with this site, but I assure you there are some exciting things to come. If anything this time “away” has encouraged me to take a nosedive into a few excellent reads, of which I will definitely be sharing. Also, as I now finally have access to a regular kitchen I am keen to start baking once again, sans lockdown blues.

On another note, I have also started an additional project and would appreciate you taking a little look when you find yourself bored with nothing to do. If you’re not only a book and cake lover but a travel lover too, make sure to check out my new travel page Tap & Travel for recommendations on places to go and things to do locally in the UK and internationally (when the opportunity arises, who knows these days!).

So consider this a small service announcement if you will and thank you all for staying on board whilst I took a small hiatus.

Until the next post (which will be very, very soon!)

Gia x

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