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The Magical Life Lessons Of Mothers

Happy Mother's Day, to all the Mum's out there.

"My mother was my role model before I even knew what that word was." - Lisa Leslie

It must be said: my Mum taught me a lot. In fact, that is an understatement. Unfortunately, I did not realise how much she had taught me until I crashed into my mid-twenties. Whether this was due to contemplative hindsight, the onset of adulthood or most likely both, it dawned on me that all my biggest accomplishments would not have been possible if it were not for the magical lessons of Mum.

Lesson 1 - She taught me how to be strong.

Through the trials and tribulations of hurt and heartache, Mum would always be there ready with open arms - chocolate and tissues on hand if need be. Whilst exploring the exciting and dizzying world of relationships, I also had my fair share of confusion, frustration and, admittedly, sadness when they came to a crashing conclusion. But no matter what the circumstances, Mum would be there to pick up the pieces and give me a boost of motivation. She would always know just the right thing to say, with her sweet assurances and sage advice. After just a few minutes, the crocodile tears would have disappeared and I would force myself into a positive mindset, which eventually became the normal once more. Lesson 2 - She taught me how to laugh and not to take things too seriously. My Mum has one of those infectious laughs that always lights up a room, and so highlighted the power of laughter to me. It can lead to an instant mood boost and more. One should always try to make themselves open to a good round of giggles, rather than dwelling on minor issues. Otherwise you will inevitably miss things if you're too busy worrying about small insignificant things [your hair is fine, leave it!]

Lesson3 - She taught me to be humble. Being an accomplished musician and performer, the sheer, raw talent that my Mum possesses is second to none. No, I am not just saying that, please do take a listen. Despite her skills and receiving much accolade, she always remained humble in the company of friends, family and strangers alike. She would shyly swat away compliments in good humour. When I was just a little sprog, I had the chance to see her perform live on a few occasions. Dressed to the nines, she embodied the essence of glamour and when she sang, the room fell silent. I was awestruck then and will forever be so now, no matter how many times I hear her voice.

Lesson 4 - She taught me how to cook. That said, there is a particular flair and comfort to a Mother's cooking that I believe cannot be achieved until a daughter becomes one herself. I can only practice until then.

Lesson 5 - She taught me the importance of self worth. Knowing your self worth holds an important weight when moving forward in life and hampers the attempts of those who may try to take advantage or put you down.

Lesson 6 - She taught me how to love. Not just in relationships, but also to develop a depth of care and compassion for all of those around me. I suppose you could say, she taught me to be a Disney princess in some respects.

But, most importantly, she taught me how to be a woman.

Thank you Mum and here's to many more lessons x

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